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The word churidar comes from Hindi and made its way into English by the 20th century. Before churidar word came into existence it was known by many names like during the mogul and British raj it was referred as Mogul breeches or long-drawers.

Churidar is Tight fitting lowers with with churis that gather around the ankle so it made much larger in length compared to the normal salwar.  Churidar is known for its sleek looks that looks good on Indian women’s body figure as it brings out the feminine shape of the body.

Churidar also known as chudidar or chudidhar is preferred by lot of Indian and Pakistani Women as its very comfortable to wear since its a body hugging thus is tightly gripped to the body like a stocking its comfortable to wear and is and is very narrow around the ankle area. To help a women wear churidar comfortably at times even hooks are attached at the ankle area so that the churidar can be pulled up easily while wearing it. Overall the churidar gives the women’s body a very feminine and elegant shape.

Churidar comes in various fabrics like cotton, georgette and crepe. Churidar can be worn with many uppers like kameez or Kurta. Lot of times churidar is even worn in contrast color or print when compared to the upper. The designers have reformed churidar in many ways including embellishing it with embroidery and stone work.


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